Natural values, valuing nature, cost efficiency, offsets and prioritisation – Tools and ideas to help us muddle through | Session 2

Conference Room

There are many ways in which concepts of value play into nature conservation and many tools to help us incorporate various definitions of value in conservation decision making. Some of these tools are used regularly in decision making, such as metrics for measuring biodiversity value when determining the validity of offsets or when ranking or choosing between conservation actions. In contrast, tools for capturing or aggregating human preferences for alternative environmental outcomes, or tools for analyzing the influence personal values have on the way people respond to conservation messages are seldom used, despite the popularity of these tools in other disciplines and the potentially profound insights they might bring to conservation.  I will tell some research stories from the NESP Threatened Species Recovery Hub that hint at these opportunities and the breadth of tools and approaches available for characterizing and incorporating various definitions of value in conservation decision making.

Session 2 - Future Solutions For Private Land Conservation