Amanda Martin

CEO, Australian Environmental Grantmakers Network

Amanda Martin has worked in philanthropy for over a decade, having worked for the Poola Foundation for four years before helping to establish the AEGN in 2009. She has specialised in environment and Indigenous grantmaking and more recently on building the skills and knowledge of funders on environmental issues. Amanda has a background in biodiversity and protected area advocacy and management working in both the public and community sector. She was the Executive Officer of the Victorian National Parks Association, and the Head of Policy and Planning at Parks Victoria. She has a degree in Zoology and is a trained and skilled facilitator of groups.

Workshop 2 - Giving for Nature

Workshop 2 – Giving For Nature

Hobart Function and Conference Centre

The Not For Profit (or For Purpose) sector is known as the glue which holds much of Australian society together, allowing it to function and prosper (The Cause Report). Conservation NFPs contribute significantly to healthy landscapes, waterways and ecosystems, empowering communities to improve the environment. As government funding for conservation programs becomes more and more […]