Andry Sculthorpe

Land and Heritage Project Office, Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre

Andry Sculthorpe currently works for the Tasmanian Aboriginal Centre in Hobart, Australia where he has worked on and off for over 15 years in coordination and delivery of land management projects on returned Aboriginal Lands and in the delivery of Aboriginal heritage training to the Aboriginal community. Andry has also been extensively involved in Aboriginal Heritage management in Tasmania within the Aboriginal community and the state government, as well as a regional coordinator for the local NRM body. Andry obtained a BSc in Botany and Geography at the University of Tasmania and has training in Aboriginal heritage assessment and protection. Andry is interested in furthering the skills and knowledge of the Aboriginal community to manage and protect land and heritage and to enable Aboriginal people to be involved in broader natural area management.

10 Minute Talks - Session 2

Managing cultural landscapes in lutruwita (Tasmania)

Managing cultural landscapes in lutruwita (Tasmania) | Motivations, Research And Learning – 10 Minute Talks

Room 3

“A sacred place of all our ways, of all our spirits in this one place.” Jimmy Everett This is the music of millions of years playing here… that’s what human ears have heard since the cradle of humanity.” Bob Brown The Liffey Valley, in northern lutruwita is a cultural landscape shaped through generations of management, […]

10 mins- Motivations, Research And Learning