Atticus Fleming

CEO, Australian Wildlife Conservancy

Atticus is the inaugural Chief Executive of Australian Wildlife Conservancy (AWC), which manages almost 4 million hectares across iconic regions such as the Kimberley, the Top End and central Australia. Prior to AWC, Atticus worked as an advisor to Australia’s longest serving Federal Environment Minister, the Hon Robert Hill, and as a corporate and commercial lawyer. Atticus was one of four WA finalists in the 2014 Australian of the Year awards and in 2016 was named by Australian Geographic as one of 30 people who have had the greatest influence on conservation of Australia’s wildlife over the last 30 years.

Day 1 - Session 4 - Debate | Day 2 - 5B - Monitoring

Measuring ecological health – tracking effectiveness and efficiency

Measuring ecological health – tracking effectiveness and efficiency | Session 5B

Conservation organisations – government and non-government – spend around $1 billion per annum on the management of protected areas around Australia.   Yet the recent State of the Environment report indicates that we are continuing to lose our biodiversity. How do we generate a better return on this $1 billion investment? A first step is to […]

Session 5B - Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting Natural Value

Questioning Value- ‘Nature should be on the balance sheet’ | Session 4, Debate

Conference Room

Debate Chair – James Forbes Affirmative Team– Penelope Figgis AO, Jennifer Morris, Ben O’Hara Negative Team– Prof Jamie Kirkpatrick, Marla Edwards, Atticus Flemming Teams will alternate with members presenting for 10 minutes each on the topic. There will also be a five minute rebuttal for each team.

Session 4 - Debate