John McLeod

Senior Consultant, JBWere Philanthropic Services

John McLeod joined JBWere Philanthropic Services on its establishment in 2001 after 15 years as a financial analyst with JBWere covering resource strategy and manager of the Resource Research group within the firm’s top-ranking strategy team. He produces widely read reports on Australian Giving Trends and on the Private Ancillary Fund and charitable trust sector. He co-authored the “Impact – Australia” report in 2013 highlighting the current practice and growth potential for Impact Investing and authored “The Cause Report” on the evolution of the NFP sector in Australia over the last 20 years and examined the implications for its future direction. He also compiled the list of Australia’s major philanthropists for the May 2017 Australian Financial Review special, “Philanthropy 50”.

Most recently, John authored “The New Zealand Cause Report” providing a detailed analysis of the trends and direction for their not for the profit and charity sector. John also presents at a range of conferences and workshops on issues related to philanthropy as well as the governance of charitable trusts and measurement of social return and trends in the charity sector. He also sits on the Board of a number of charities including on the Council of Philanthropy Australia.

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Workshop 2 - Giving for Nature|Day 2 - 6A - Sustainable Finance

20 years of (r)evolution in the NFP sector - findings from the Cause Report

20 years of (r)evolution in the NFP sector – findings from the Cause Report | Session 6A

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The not for profit sector has changed significantly in the last 20 years with funding sources moving closer to Government and away from sustainable self-reliance.  Philanthropy as a proportion has been flat.  At the same time, demand has grown faster than the economy.  This combination does not bode well for the future.  For the environment […]

Session 6A - Sustainable Financing

Workshop 2 – Giving For Nature

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The Not For Profit (or For Purpose) sector is known as the glue which holds much of Australian society together, allowing it to function and prosper (The Cause Report). Conservation NFPs contribute significantly to healthy landscapes, waterways and ecosystems, empowering communities to improve the environment. As government funding for conservation programs becomes more and more […]