Jonathan Duddles

Development Director, Greening Australia

Jonathan Duddles is the National Director of Development at Greening Australia, a conservation organisation conserving and restoring Australian landscapes for people and nature to thrive. In 2015 Jonathan travelled as a Winston Churchill Fellow to the USA and UK to learn from leading conservation charities that have successfully grown their private supporter base through philanthropy and corporate partnerships, during a time when governments globally are reducing their funding for public good outcomes. Greening Australia has subsequently built a national Development Team, created five new campaigns and is increasing its private support from new donors and corporate partners while leveraging further government support.

Jonathan will share his understanding of why creating a culture of philanthropy within conservation organisations is so important, especially for those organisations that have been long term recipients of government funding. And while we can learn much from US and UK philanthropy, there are some differences in Australia that are important to understand.

Workshop 2 - Giving for Nature

Workshop 2 – Giving For Nature

Hobart Function and Conference Centre

The Not For Profit (or For Purpose) sector is known as the glue which holds much of Australian society together, allowing it to function and prosper (The Cause Report). Conservation NFPs contribute significantly to healthy landscapes, waterways and ecosystems, empowering communities to improve the environment. As government funding for conservation programs becomes more and more […]