Joshua Gilbert

Director, Australian Farmers for Climate Action

Josh Gilbert is a Worimi man who uses Indigenous wisdom and values, alongside his environmental and agricultural knowledge to shape modern society. Josh is a Director with Australian Farmers for Climate Action and on the Board of Intrepid Landcare. Josh works as a Manager with PwCs Indigenous Consulting.

Josh has recently been recognised as the Australian Geographic Young Conservationist of the Year, the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage’s Young Sustainability Champion and the Foundation for Young Australians’ Local Legend Award. Josh was previously the Chair of the NSW Young Farmers and led the NSW Young Farmers’ Council in moving one of the first international agricultural climate change motions at the NSW Farmers Annual Conference in 2015. The motion gained the attention of Al Gore, who asked Josh to be a part of his Climate Reality Project. Josh’s Climate Reality Project video, ‘Australia’s Young Green Farmers’, was viewed in over 75 countries, by over 100 million people. Josh was subsequently named in Pro Bono Australia’s Impact 25 as one of the top 25 most influential people in Australia.

Josh is creating change by breaking stereotypes and using Indigenous storylines, songlines and a strength-based narrative to bring people to new understandings of the value of the environment and agriculture.

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Day 2 - 5A - Communicating

Changing minds on climate - new perspectives for Australian farmers

Changing minds on climate – new perspectives for Australian farmers | Session 5A

Room 1

A few years ago, farmers were calling for a Royal Commission as to whether climate change was real. What started as creating the first proactive international climate change policy by an agricultural organisation, has led to the creation of Australian Farmers for Climate Action, a 600 strong farmer membership group seeking good climate policy and […]

Session 5A - Communicating For Change