Kate Fitzherbert

Conservation Strategy and Systems Manager

Kate Fitzherbert has worked in the environment sector for over 30 years. She completed a doctorate in Ornithology at Monash University and then worked for a number of years on various contracts and with Birdlife Australia. She has spent the last sixteen years with Bush Heritage Australia working in marketing, writing and editing, ecology and in her current role. Her focus is on working with the team to build best-practice systems and processes to support on-ground staff, including through disciplined planning, targeted data collection and adaptive management and reporting. She recognises how critical it is to connect people to nature in order to bring the environment back into the community’s priorities.

Workshop 3 - Experiencing Nature

Workshop 3 – Experiencing Nature

Hobart Function and Conference Centre

‘Getting people out into nature’. It’s something we all think is important. But what are we trying to achieve by doing so, and who are the people we want to attract and influence? How can we inspire people and so change their hearts, minds and behaviours? These are the questions we will be exploring in […]