Matthew Selinske

PHD Candidate, RMIT University

Matthew Selinske is a PhD candidate with the Interdisciplinary Conservation Science Research Group at RMIT University. His work experience includes prairie and savanna restoration in his home state of Minnesota, forest restoration and community engagement in New York City, and six years of protected area management and primate conservation in West Africa. As an undergraduate at the University of Minnesota, Matthew graduated with a Fisheries and Wildlife degree and received his Conservation Science MSc from Imperial College of London. Matthew’s PhD investigates how to better incorporate human behaviour into biodiversity decision-making and is funded by RMIT University and the ARC Centre of Excellence for Environmental Decisions.
Since engaging private landowners in prairie management back in Minnesota, Matthew has had an affinity for private land conservation. As a research associate at Imperial College, Matthew evaluated the social dimensions of a private protected area program in the Western Cape of South Africa and he continues this research here in Australia investigating the motivations, challenges and commitment that landowners experience in land stewardship. Matthew’s current work is in collaboration with and supported by the Australian Land Conservation Alliance and its membership.

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Future proofing privately protected areas by monitoring landholder challenges and commitment

Future proofing privately protected areas by monitoring landholder challenges and commitment | Motivations, Research And Learning – 10 Minute Talks

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As with any protected area, PPAs must also be monitored for effectiveness at protecting and managing nature. Monitoring, where it is conducted, typically targets valued biological and ecological elements. However, the drivers of maintaining and improving the effectiveness of PPAs such as covenants and easement are often social dimensions. In Australia, we surveyed 527 covenantors […]

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