Mel Durack

Hotham-Williams NRM Coordinator, Peel-Harvey Catchment Council

Mel Durack works for the regional NRM body, Peel-Harvey Catchment Council in WA and is the Natural Resource Management Coordinator for the Hotham and Williams Rivers sub-catchment, located at the headwaters of the Peel-Harvey Catchment. After graduating in Environmental Science at Murdoch University, Mel worked in environmental management at Boddington Gold Mine (Newmont) for 13 years and has been employed by the PHCC, since 2014. Mel lives locally in the town of Boddington in South-West WA and owning a small landholding herself, she and her family are dedicated to private land conservation.
Mel is part of the team which re-invigorated NRM activities in the Hotham-Williams subcatchment. Due to changes in funding priorities, NRM activities had not existed in the sub-catchment for a number of years. Through new Federal Government funding, a dedicated Hotham-Williams NRM Plan was developed in consultation with the community. Through setting NRM priorities and by developing great partnerships with private landholders and the broader community a large number of onground projects have been delivered.

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10 Minute Talks - Session 2

Valuing Nature in the Hotham-Williams

Valuing Nature in the Hotham-Williams | Stewardship And Protection – 10 Minute Talks

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Reinvigoration of Natural Resource Management (NRM) in the Hotham-Williams has enabled 28 landowners to manage and protect 980ha of land for private conservation over a two year period. Developing a business case enabled the community to identify the need for an NRM Plan and employment of a locally based NRM Officer to re-invigorate NRM in […]

10 mins - Stewardship And Protection