Michael Williams

Former Deputy Chair NSW Nature Conservation Trust

Michael is a former Board member of the not-for-profit NSW Nature Conservation Trust and was its deputy chair for the last eleven of the NCT’s fourteen-year existence. Michael is also the principal of Michael Williams & Associates Pty Ltd, a Sydney-based natural resource management, strategic planning and facilitation firm.

Michael has had a long-standing commitment to privately protected areas through his involvement with South Australia’s Heritage Agreement Scheme, the private reserve system developed and established as part of the Tasmanian Regional Forest Agreement, Wet Tropics of Queensland World Heritage Area, the Indigenous Protected Area program and has consulted widely including to Pew, The Nature Conservancy and Trust for Nature (Victoria).

In 2009 Michael was to facilitate the meeting of Australia’s land trust CEOs and Board chairs that led to the formation of the Australian Land Conservation Alliance – but unfortunately was dead for 30 minutes the day before the meeting and had to send his apologies. Mike won the longest time dead award for 2009 and lived on to be on ALCA’s inaugural Board from 2009-2014.

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10 Minute Talks - Session 3

Governance, policy settings and revolving funds - key achievements by the Nature Conservation Trust of NSW

Revolving funds – governance and policy settings for success: key achievements by the Nature Conservation Trust of NSW | Motivations, Research And Learning – 10 Minute Talks

Room 3

From its inception in 2002 to its incorporation in 2017 into the NSW State Government’s Biodiversity Conservation Trust, the NSW Nature Conservation Trust (NCT) made a significant contribution to private land nature conservation in NSW.  None more so than its successful deployment of its Revolving Fund – a tool that when well managed and executed […]

10 mins- Motivations, Research And Learning