Prof Darryl Low Choy

Professor, Environmental and Landscape Planning, Griffith University

Darryl is Professor Emeritus (Environmental and Landscape Planning) at Griffith University. He is a Registered Planner and Fellow of the Planning Institute of Australia and a Fellow of the Environment Institute of Australia and New Zealand. He is leading research into climate change adaptation for human settlements; planning for water sensitive cities; incorporating indigenous landscape values in planning; community led planning and community resilience for peri-urban and hazard prone areas. He has completed major secondments to State Government planning initiatives and has served on state and national government boards and committees advising on environmental planning and NRM matters. He has a Visiting Professorship for Senior International Scientists of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

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Day 2 - 6B - Policy and the Law

Protecting Indigenous Landscape Values through Statutory Land Use Planning

Protecting Indigenous Landscape Values through Statutory Land Use Planning | Session 6B

Room 2

Many contemporary statutory and non-statutory land use and natural resource management planning initiatives have embraced a values-led planning approach that recognise typical core values such as biodiversity, agricultural production, ecosystem services and outdoor recreation values. At the same time, there have been increasing calls to recognise and respect culturally diverse values in public policy. However, […]

Session 6B - Policy And The Law: Hinderance And Help