Assoc Prof Darla Hatton MacDonald

Associate Professor, Tasmanian School of Business and Economics, University of Tasmania, University of Tasmania

Darla joined the Tasmanian School of Business and Economics in 2015. Previously she was at the CSIRO in the Land and Water Division for 15 years.  She teaches primarily in the area of Environmental and Resource Economics as part of the new Resource Economics major in this area as part of the Bachelor of Economics degree at UTas. Darla’s primary area of research is in non-market valuation where she examines the values people hold for restoring habitat areas across landscapes (Upper SE of South Australia; Pilbara region; southern connected Murray-Darling Basin). Her research is used as evidence in public policy debates being cited extensively in the Guide to the proposed Murray-Darling Basin Water Sharing Plan, Regulation Impact Statements, South Australian position statement on the proposed Basin Plan.

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Day 2 - 5B - Monitoring

Non-Market Values: What are they? What can we do with them?

Non-Market Values: What are they? What can we do with them? | Session 5B

Room 2

Many land-use decisions involve a series of financial costs borne by landholders.  Conservation of native vegetation can have a number of tangible and intangible private benefits for landholders but more often, the benefits extend to a wider society.  Increasingly, these wider societal values are being used as evidence to justify changes in public policies.  Economists […]

Session 5B - Measuring, Monitoring and Reporting Natural Value