Prof Ted Lefroy

Professor, School of Environment, University of Tasmania

Professor Ted Lefroy studied agricultural science and worked in rural extension in Australia and Papua New Guinea for 15 years before embarking on a research career focused on improving the environmental sustainability and nature conservation value of farming systems. He has worked for the Queensland and Western Australian Departments of Agriculture, the Royal Tasmanian Botanic Gardens, The University of Western Australia and CSIRO and since 2005 has been Director of the Centre for Environment at the University of Tasmania.

Day 1 - Session 2 - Big Ideas

Solving wicked problems with simplicity

Solving wicked problems with simplicity | Session 2

Conference Room

For every complex problem there is a simple solution that’s wrong. In other words there are no simple solutions to wicked problems but there are useful ways to approach wicked problems. Wicked problems are problems with no right answer. They have no right answer because they involve a mixture of facts and values. There are […]

Session 2 - Big Ideas For Private Land Conservation