Stuart Cowell

Director, Conservation Management

Stuart Cowell owes his expertise in Healthy Country Planning to over twenty-five years of experience, working at the forefront of Natural Resource Management. Stuart is renowned for a pragmatic approach to land management, ensuring all stakeholder needs are met while helping to find solutions and an effective path forwards.

Stuart has experience in both the public and private natural resource sectors on a national level. He has the proven ability to work with people and communities to help build healthier landscapes.  Stuart’s role in developing the Healthy Country Plan concept, as well as his skills in strategic planning and facilitation, and the application of the Open Standards for the Practice of Conservation makes him an invaluable member of Conservation Management.

Workshop 1 - Conservation planning and monitoring

Workshop 1 – Conservation Planning And Monitoring (SOLD OUT)

Hobart Function and Conference Centre

The Tasmanian Land Conservancy’s (TLC’s) 455 ha Flat Rock Reserve, links the historic Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary with the Alpha Pinnacle Conservation Area, creating a continuous protected area of over 1500 ha. Join us for a guided walk to key sites of interest showing the TLC’s collaborative management of this unique natural and cultural reserve. […]