Todd Berkinshaw

Executive General Manager - Strategy and National Operations, Greening Australia

Todd Berkinshaw has been with Greening Australia for more than 15 years and has a wealth of knowledge about the Australian environment through facilitating large-scale collaborative conservation planning processes. He also leads the development of Greening Australia’s flagship national programs including the Reef Aid, Nature in Cities, Indigenous Australia, Tasmania Island Ark and Southern Australia.

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10 Minute Talks - Session 1

Innovation in Restoration: 2030 and beyond

Innovation in Restoration: 2030 and beyond | Fire, Restoration And Connectivity – 10 Minute Talks

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Greening Australia is celebrating 35 years of conserving and restoring Australian landscapes, working in partnership with private landholders, farmers, indigenous communities and urban volunteers. It is a good time therefore to look to the future and ask what will ecological restoration look like in 2050 (another 35 years) and what targets should we be setting […]

10 mins - Fire, Restoration And Connectivity